Kos products are designed to energize and enhance the room architecture where they are placed.

The goal is to give a sense of well-being and clarity to the everyday aspects of domestic living.

The Kos bathroom is a totally design-oriented, quality setting.

It's the private area for excellence, where each of us enjoys the luxury of symbolically closing the door and devoting time to ourselves.

This small, secluded paradise is a place where we can decompress, where elegant, yet simple shapes have a purifying capacity.

Naturally, the sensuous feeling of well-being infused by blower, idrocolore®, and Turkish bath eases the mind. And the stunning appearance relaxes one's vision, which is bogged down day-after-day by excessive perceptual and emotional stimulus.

Light, a well-proportioned architectural design, targeted furnishings...a Kos bathroom is a refined, elegant area that begs to be shared.

It's a free area, where you can express yourself totally, without worrying about an external world that is faraway and of minor importance.

Kos products, with their intrinsic quality, help us regain control of ourselves.