Exceptional furniture and functional sculpture, tailored for discerning clients worldwide.

A design studio producing sculptural furniture and installations for exclusive residential and commercial clients.

Splinter Works was formed in 2009 and is a collaboration between Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington. Our mission is to create sculptural furniture that is engaging and inspiring.

We strive to enrich the lives of the people who use our furniture, by creating pieces that enhance their environment and elevate the experience of everyday life. Our aim is to create work that is individual, thought provoking, aesthetically beguiling, intelligently designed and a delight to use.

Our designs are experimental and theatrical, but the function of the piece is always paramount. We love to play visual tricks especially where balance comes into question. Opposing dichotomies of solidity versus weightlessness, motion versus stillness, and strength versus fragility are played out in our ambitious designs through innovative materials.

Our ambitious projects are fuelled by our passion for absolute quality, technical ingenuity, artistic integrity and a solid belief in creating the most considered and exquisite work befitting of its purpose.

Splinter Works create exceptional furniture and functional sculpture, both freestanding pieces and installations. We also work on private commissions. All of our work can all be tailored to clients' preferences.

Our range of furniture and installations is constantly evolving as we are inspired to create functional, beautiful design. This range of collectable furniture is available to buy from us directly or from our representatives in America, the Middle East and London. All of these pieces can be tailored to size, scale, colour, detailing and even the materials to suit clients' needs, requirements and budget.

Our commissioned projects are bespoke designs made specifically to clients' requirements. Every element; from the location, the ergonomic and functional needs, to striking a personal and emotional resonance with the user and commissioner, can be considered and accomplished.

We also welcome the opportunity of working in collaboration with other designers or companies on all manner of creative projects.

We often work in partnership with Interior Designers, Architects and Developers.

We are experienced in putting together complicated projects and pieces of furniture to exacting standards. We offer a service to design professionals whereby you can submit a rough design and we can realise the project for you. Alternatively we are happy to work as part of your design team, generating concepts and producing works in line with your vision.

We know from experience that what we produce may just be one component of a more complex project, and as such, keeping to budget and delivering the work on time is imperative.