The smart design by Calligaris is a wide and articulate offering of functional furniture, with a style that's not shouted but contemporary, which leaves room for each one's sensitivity, pandering to tastes, mingling with other shapes, colours and materials in a game of endless possibilities.

Expressing our own personality, recounting who we really are is a natural aspiration that finds in the home, in the spaces we live in, its pride of place. The home is the visible container of our tastes, passions, foibles; it is a place that represents us and therefore one in continuous transformation.

Smart is harmony between technique and aesthetics, between reason and emotion, because each Calligaris piece encloses the know-how of our experienced designers and our creativity applied to contemporary living.

Simplicity becomes an added value which satisfies the desire to play with the volumes, the combinations, the colourings to create spaces that avoid a mass-produced feel and narrate the personality of those who inhabit them.

Smart is knowing how to live, the expression of a new sensibility, which prefers to choose what is right for ourselves and for our sensibilities without the intention either of conforming or of having to stand out. It is a knowing how to live that is reflected in everyday things, even small ones, and that helps us feel our best.

In 90 years, we have seen many changes at Calligaris, indeed, we ourselves have promoted change. We did so by designing and creating furniture and furnishing accessories ready to enter the most diverse of homes and find their place there, harmonizing with different styles, resulting in unique environments, as, deep down, all homes are.

We can experiment, change and innovate because we know who we are and what our brand represents for those who choose it: a guarantee of quality and creativity at an accessible price, design that is contemporary, flexible, and intelligent.


The Stores is the ultimate expression of Calligaris' furniture range; it is always located in strategic transit areas in big cities. It presents all the thematic areas foreseen by the Calligaris exhibition concept, with their relative product categories. The stores are elegant, modern spaces, designed and produced to show the philosophy of Italian Smart Design: design products that are not only beautiful and artfully crafted, but also ergonomic, versatile, designed to simplify everyday life. Calligaris is currently present with over 70 single-brand stores in major cities around the world including: Rome, Barcelona, Paris, London, Istanbul, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, New York, Washington, Miami and Toronto.


The Flagship Store in Milan,,opened in 2008, is situated in the prestigious Brera district. It is a shop designed and managed directly by the company in its entirety: identity, image, product offering. The store is spread out over an area of 700 sqm with a subdivision of the interior spaces into three floors; it is a showcase of the Calligaris reality that is open to the public, designed to express in a clear, intelligent and accessible way the style, values and identity of the brand.

The FlagShip Store in Paris,,opened in 2012, is a magnificent space of approximately 400 sqm destined to accommodate the Calligaris collections in the heart of Saint Germain, the Parisian design quarter. It is not a traditional showroom but a special place, engaging and expressive.A modern, lively and warm place to live, set up on two levels, designed to best represent the Italian Smart Design by Calligaris.