Available on five continents, Miele is the only truly global premium brand of domestic appliances and commercial machines in the field of laundry care, dishwashing and disinfection.

A continuous stream of innovations is the foundation of Miele's business success. Enduring success is only possible when consistent efforts are made to remain forever better. The founders of Miele, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, realised that in 1899.

In terms of quality, Miele appliances were considerably better than those of the competition, otherwise they would not have been able to compete successfully on such a fiercely competitive market.

Miele's credo of being forever better has remained to this day company policy.

Miele products last longest of all domestic appliances. No other brand even comes close to achieving such product longevity. An endurance test carried out by Germany's independent WfK laundry research institute in Krefeld clearly showed that out of all the machines tested, the Miele washing machine was the only one to still function perfectly after a lifetime test of 5000 wash cycles, the equivalent of around 20 years of normal use.

The average life cycle lasting more than six years longer than competitors' machines has an impact on a model's ecological balance sheet: Longer-lasting appliances save energy and natural resources as they do not need replacing as often.

To ensure that Miele appliances are always technologically up-to-date, Miele offers a simple electronic Update system.

The Miele Design Centre is responsible for the product design of all Miele appliances and a partner in the development of new appliances and concepts from the very beginning, a key aspect being close cooperation with international universities. The interdepartmental focus is on interfaces, surface finishes and materials.

A clear and close focus on customer needs and the requirements of production and technology has repeatedly lead to innovations and breakthroughs which have received design awards both in Germany and abroad.

We are also working on innovative technology for tomorrow's world...