cerruti baleri

cerruti baleri

Cerruti Baleri – young and fresh design furniture

Cerruti Baleri was founded in 1984 as a company manufacturing quality furniture with a high design content by Enrico Baleri, a creative and cultured entrepreneur.

This was a natural evolution of his activity of research and development in the design area, started at the end of the ‘60s. The path towards a personal interpretation of the design process led to the creation of Cerruti Baleri, a company that since the beginning developed products with strong formal and functional qualities with the support of an innovative Research Department and a constant activity of talent-scouting.

This activity brought to the discovery of new talents, the first being a young Philippe Starck, and added to the continuous technological experimentation that made Cerruti Baleri an innovator in materials and manufacturing techniques and product solutions.

The design and manufacturing process is always ruled by the company’s philosophy that sets Man and his environment at the centre of the project and by the high technical qualities of the products that make them timeless objects, suitable for a multitude of environments.