Officine Gullo

Officine Gullo

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When we began to imagine the collection Officine Gullo, we were sure we would create a kitchen with unusual characteristics, a completely astonishing kitchen.

When we were designing our first projects or when we were at first working in our factory we realized we were talking about our kitchens as they were cars. More precisely, we were referring to them as cooking machines.

First of all, we focussed our attention on the engine: an excellent machine, a range of top quality burners able to satisfy both professional chefs and gourmets.

Then, besides these, we have added accessories : powerful charcoal barbecues, smooth and grooved fry tops, large steam cookers and professional pasta cookers. We did not accepted any compromises even for the bodywork. We decided to use two millimeters thick steel plates and we finished them off with our best traditional materials: fused burnished handmade brass and highly thick silver finishings.

The result was exactly what we had expected: kitchens realized for those who enjoy the pleasure of good food and appreciate the art of living in a sophisticated atmosphere. A collection dedicated to those who share our passion: the passion for well done things.