Bringing Stone to Life

Natural passion for stone

Antolini is the skilled craftsman that takes what belongs to nature and transforms it into a fine, elegant masterpiece. Synonymous with unique, sophisticated, luminous surfaces, it is the heart that gives new life to the original material.

Tradition, technology, passion and quality.
Antolini is all this and much more.

Stones in their full splendour.
Unique, extraordinarily beautiful pieces which Antolini seeks tirelessly throughout the world.

Incomparable creations that are the result of a passion handed down through the generations, and of quality pursued with determination, through rigorous controls performed during the entire processing cycle.

Emotions – using style to amaze.
This collection of inspiring items reveals new ways you can use style and originality to decorate the home, the office, hotels, restaurants, shops and fitness centres. Stunning settings take you on an extraordinary, one-off journey that ignites the imagination.

Antolini: the pleasure of recreating stone.

Antolini of Verona, Italy, is the leading innovative producer of natural stone and vanguard of the industry.

Founded by Luigi Antolini in the 1950s, Antolini's mission was to offer clients a distinctive and varied selection of stone colors and finishes. Decades later, his children Alberto, Alessandra and Francesco, remain true to their father's vision, continuing a tradition to produce the finest stone.

Today Antolini has grown to include new quarries around the world, and the company utilizes the latest production technologies with exceptional distribution partners to ensure the brand's legacy.

Of the thousands of stones Antolini produces, the Signature Stone Collection represents its enduring commitment their customers and dedication to bringing exceptional stone to life.


After selecting the blocks at the quarries, they are shipped to Verona, Italy for processing. Every stone possesses unique physical properties. But it's not until after the blocks are cut that the beauty and value of the individual slabs can be assessed. Those with the best patterns are chosen for the The Signature Stone Collection.
Utilizing the latest technologies, Antolini is at the forefront of processing the highest quality, most exquisite natural stone slabs.
The company continues to evolve through the creation of innovative new finish offerings and their passion to explore new alternatives of what is possible in the world of natural stone.


Visit a distributor showroom to experience the beauty and personality of each stone in The Signature Stone Collection. The ways in which you can use these extraordinary stones are as unlimited as your imagination.

“Searching for beauty. Striving for perfection. This is why I’m exploring all parts of the world with the goal of selecting the best natural stones for my Signature Stone Collection. Stones which embody a story. And anticipate the future.”
Alberto Antolini, General Manager