Kitchen Living Space

Kitchens are living areas.
The most beautiful have a simple, unfussy design and are perfectly equipped. They are inviting places, offering endless hours of enjoyment.
bulthaup shows how you can create highly personalized living spaces and how great kitchens are born from small spaces.

bulthaup acts right at the point where architecture creates quality of life.

The company develops, designs, produces and markets bespoke systems for living spaces. These systems are comprehensive solutions offering perfect functionality and ergonomics, created to satisfy even the toughest architectural and design demands. Each individual kitchen is planned and produced on a custom-build basis.

Founded in 1949, bulthaup is today a global leader in the premium kitchen sector. bulthaup's commitment to quality, function and design, combined with a genuine passion and talent for innovation, have made the brand a driving force in the market.

Bulthaup kitchens are based on three fundamental systems: the B1, B2, and B3 collections. Each one is geared towards a particular function and aesthetic.

bulthaup b1

bulthaup b1 is the essential kitchen, with a fresh look, fresh new advantages and a fresh, appealing price.

bulthaup b2

bulthaup b2 permits change. Each of the three timeless, flexible and enduring modern elements is a piece of furniture within the living space.

bulthaup b3

bulthaup b3 is the design system for anyhone who wants simply one thing: The very best. Every bulthaup b3 living space is unique. This is illustrated by its architectural independence and the limitless possibilities for expressing personal style.