In the world of contemporary interiors, Boffi's name is synonymous with innovation and excellence in kitchens and bathrooms. In 2010 company turned its attention and innovative approach on wardrobe sector as well.

Boffi has always expressed a communication approach which is outside of the norm. its marketing strategy is based on a reserved number of important special events, always in correspondence with major design events, as a means of presenting its own product line as also a way of consolidating a culture towards Design.

Boffi stands out for a combination of modern production processes and artisan tradition; the latter allows the company to maintain its roots through the use of techniques enhancing the product quality.

Boffi's Sustainability

In Boffi's history and corporate culture, the subject of sustainability has always been taken seriously and at the core of business principles. Sustainability is part of Boffi's values, culture, creative technology and enterpreneurship, and is part of every decision-making phase in planning, production and control. The continuous improvement concerning the environmental, social and economic sustainability derives from a strong synergy between Boffi and its employees, location, designers, suppliers, consumers and final markets. These connections with its stakeholders aim at a continuous improvement, development and increase in value of Boffi, while working within enivornmental laws. Boffi’s challenge is that of making products sustainable, by improving environmental and social performance, through innovation in product design and development, service processing and management. This challenge is thought to offer protection for the final user, who can choose products on the grounds of their environmental and social quality. The social values of this project were firstly interpreted by the company's founder, Piero Boffi, who saw the development of his company, from workshop to international brand, part of the realization of "Made in Italy" worldwide.

The main production departments at Boffi:

The lacquering atelier
Boffi as a company is globally known for its knowhow in lacquering, and particularly for polishing of polyester and the high resistance of the matt one of Mat Plus.

The woodwork atelier
Special department for building customised furniture, so as to adapt to any request of top level customers.

The managerial software
Sophisticated IT system which, in combination with modern operative software, coordinates a flexible production unit, able to meet the demand high end market.