Architecture & Interior Design

Always listening to our customers, we put our professionalism and creativity at your service to collaborate in designing spaces that brings your dreams to life and reveal your personality.

Our ideal is the pursuit of excellence and our goal is to create inspirational places.

2500 years ago, Lao Tseu claimed that it is empty space that make a room habitable, and that while the tangible has its advantages, it’s the intangible that makes it useful.

Being an architect and interior designer flows out of that. Our profession consists of applying the immutable laws of harmony to your living spaces, to make them into a source of daily joy.

We associate furniture, materials, colors and techniques, to deal with this priceless Lao Tseu place as elegantly as possible and provide you a unique comfort, for which Maison Dupin has had the secret for nearly two centuries. To amaze you, we travel the world seeking objects, materials and exceptional skills.

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