Schiffini is one of the leading manufacturer of high-end kitchen furniture renowned worldwide.

Today as yesterday, design, use of materials, refined finishes and attention to details are skillfully combined to offer a comfortable kitchen space with an evocative power, that encourages socialization and is ideally suited for everyday living.

To offer its consumers absolute quality is the aim Schiffini gives itself in every design. From quality of materials used to the features of each single component, everything in a Schiffini kitchen is true to this philosophy. Quality is also synonymous of beauty, functionality and durability. That is why Schiffini has been a reference point in the kitchen market for 85 years.

Having been the first company to start the production of modular kitchens is just one of the goals attained by Schiffini thanks to the pursuit of innovative ideas, that have always been at the basis of its projects. The relation between form and function is constantly updated thanks to the continuous research of materials, attention to details and avant-garde designs, reaching at all times a balance between the suggestions of memory and the requirements of modern kitchens. This research includes not only those products intended for end users but also projects carried out with students, designers and architects with the aim of experimenting with new forms and ideas. This was the path that led to the creation of the latest work by Gitta Gschwendtner for Schiffini.

The company uses several well known designers to create their product line. Vico Magistretti, Giuliano Giaroli, Alfredo Häberli and Alfonso Arosio Giuliano Giaroli have all designed kitchens for this Italian manufacturer. The different style of these artist is reflected in the various collections.

Schiffini Contract Division was set up in 2005 as an instrumental internal operating unit to meet the need of the high end international real estate market to provide dwellings fitted out with exclusive trimmings and furniture, adding an increased value to the property.

Schiffini Contract Division provides high quality products and services targeted at designers, promoters and building contractors specialized in the kitchen sector.

Such services include: consulting, planning, personalization, delivery and installation worldwide, besides post-sale assistance. All that in perfect synergy with the customers, with their requirements and expectations, achieving the possibility of providing many kitchen solutions and finishes.

Schiffini was established in the 1920s to supply nautical fittings to the Italian Navy dockyard in La Spezia. It subsequently specialized in the furnishings of military and civil ships.

In the 1950s Schiffini re-oriented itself toward the kitchen furniture industry and became the first Italian company to start the series production of modular kitchens.

At the beginning of the 1960s Schiffini was among the few distinctive companies which were instrumental in the creation of Italian Design. During this important phase, collaboration between Schiffini and prominent architects and designers was initiated. Particularly significant to Schiffini’s history is the relationship with Vico Magistretti, which influenced and renovated significantly the company’s image and thinking.

Initiated in 1965, this collaboration led to numerous and fortunate intuitions that gave rise to kitchen models, still classics of modern-day production.

In addition to Magistretti, in 2002 Schiffini started new collaborations with other noted architects and designers, renowned in Italy and abroad.

Whereas the aesthetics and design of Schiffini kitchens are constantly changing, the company’s philosophy has remained unaltered over the years.

To testify the main stages of the 80 year company’s evolution, that made Schiffini renowned worldwide, a collection of historical pieces has been housed in the company headquarters in Ceparana.