CMO ::: Cie Marianne Oudin

CMO ::: Cie Marianne Oudin

Edition of vegetable fiber fabrics

Fiber vegetable fabrics and crafts used in the realization of blinds, shades, upholstery, even partition panels or wall coverings.

Marianne Oudin's initial intention was not necessary to be ecologically friendly but, in fact, it happened to be so.

Cottage industries (in the Philippine Islands, Indonesia...) weave fabrics made of ramie, abaca, water hyacinth, straw, hemp, bamboo, vetiver root, pineapple.

Since 1998, customers are attracted by CMO's various handmade materials : textures, transparent or opaque, straight or supple, shiny or matt.

CMO offers you a service made to measure : chairs, sofas, tools or cushions covers, yoga cushions zafu full of buckwheat, blinds, roman shades, japonese pannels, curtains and duvet in silk cocoons etc...