Lirone is a photograph and a plastic artist. He was born in 1964. He found his passion for photography very early; a passion for the pure and beautiful vision that he sees.

A professional photographer since 1990, Lirone is passionate about images, constantly searching for new innovative photographic techniques.

More recently, Lirone has created a unique and revolutionary photography technique that combines the aesthetics of painting and sculpture with an original photograph.

The concept relies on a technique that allows for the visualization of an image in three dimensions. The method has been patented by the INPI since August 2006. His work brings a unique and remarkable ambiance of Lirone to this genre of art (photography), as well as to all of his photographs in particular.

Lirone stretches and widens the image in search of a fresh new sensation. Faced with the question of the unknown, his work is in quest of a third dimension. With the Lirone technique, he attains a reversal of this question. Taken by a sentiment of a disruption that has never been seen, an impression of a strange beauty: the spectator poses to himself the question how is this done?


LIRONE challenges the eye. To the contemporary gaze exhausted of clichés, Lirone’s work proposes a revitalization of the exercise of seeing. If you put in the effort to accommodate it the works will repay you with their depth. When you adjust your position the photos continually recompose themselves under your gaze. This is the LIRONE method. It returns the power of apparition to the picture. The work deconstructs the familiar object, and renders possible a pictorial construction.

This is created by the sensitivity of the artist to the link between stretching space and stretching time. When it is realized that this crystalline property, for ages sensed solely by the imagination, becomes concrete with the plexiglass presentation of the contemporary photographs: it is because of his process! Each of the procedures amplifies the effect a magnifying glass produces by the mixture between the sheet of plexiglass superimposed on the photograph and the thin layer of silicone he uses as a buffer.

The procedures always begin with the gesture of a love of photography. Find the subject, compose the plane, distribute the elements, define the framework: with an extreme care, Lirone regards the placement of indicators of depth, paying close attention in particular to the light. But the following gestures are inspired by something else: the gestures of the cubists and surrealists. To bring life to the beautiful picture, she must be fertilized again, according to an iconoclastic rite that borrows from the destructive love of childhood. After having been dissected, kneaded, and broken she rediscovers herself decomposed in vertical bands of variable widths to which the artist applies various torsions. According to their curvature, sometimes convex, sometimes concave, they fall in front or behind a certain region of the picture when they are assembled with their neighbors.

The work is done directly to the image mounted on the protective plexiglass. The scissors begin the laborious treatment of the material. Every torsion necessitates heating the plexiglass to the right temperature; this is how the effect is achieved. The torsions appear to have left light cracks under the rebuilt picture, so the image is restored to its initial integrity. You move: the motive decomposes itself but preserves itself. Return to face the work. The gaze rediscovers the unheard-of depths of the crystal. It dives in his dream…

Lirone exhibits in galleries all around the world : Paris, New York, Genova, Courchevel, Megève, Honfleur, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Saint Paul de Vence, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem… Well-known names purchased his artworks : LVMH, Musée Grévin, Euro Media France, Van Cleef & Arpel… as well as great collectors. The process of his 3D works has been patented and registered with the INPI since August 2006.