Studio Guilhem & Guilhem

Studio Guilhem & Guilhem

Guilhem Studio specializes in the design and construction of premium-grade residential properties, luxury villas and apartment blocks, all of which meet the firm's dedication to excellence.

Richard Guilhem unique talent is expressed in a highly-personalized contemporary design in which harmony, balance and attention to detail play a major role.

The Guilhem Studio creates environments that embody both classic elegance and luxury._

Imbued with an architectural vision of movement, Richard Guilhem is constantly experimenting and inventing in his search for solutions that enhance the fluidity of space.

Exacting and highly selective, he chooses the materials to be used with meticulous care. From renovation work to original designs, Guilhem Studio will take your project in hand and to a higher level from start to finish.

Richard Guilhem's main goal : to make sure each project is in perfect harmony with own special environment.

His philosophy : to listen attentively to his clients' needs, and to effectively interpret their requirements in both esthetic and architectural terms.

Richard Guilhem is totally committed to each project he undertakes, and oversees the work from the design and drafting phase to its actual construction and finishing touches, ever watchful of every detail.

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Studio Guilhem & Guilhem

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